At OFF DOT, we know there is a sea of skilled artists out there and that choosing between them can be a struggle. That's why our dedicated team of multi-disciplinary artists offers you more than talent, we offer you our vision, our understanding of the market and our many years of experience. We decided to offer you our point of view. That's what matters.

With Dot-Box you can quickly build your projects by brainstorming and working with a professional, flexible and customizable team that can include Project managers, Product developers, Creative directors and Print specialists.

OFF DOT offers a worry-free design development experience by adapting perfectly to your needs and relieving you of the stress that comes with recruitment, training and overhead.


Creative Vision    •   Macro & Micro Trends   •   Color Palettes   •   Art Direction   •   Repeat Prints (AOP)   •   Artworks    •  Collection Merchandising    •   Apparel & Accessories  •   Tech Packs